The golf shops wants to help you with your golf game. We have golf tips in simple terms to help you improve your golf game. Why pay a golfpro if you don't have to.


The game of golf has changed quite a bit in recent years. With the introduction of the internet and YouTube, younger and younger people are becoming really good at golf. It used to be that someone would become good at golf through many years of practice. Some people would speed up the process with expensive lessons with a golf pro. Young golfers todaycan watch a video and learn a new skill in a short amount of time.

With many golf websites sharing tip and tricks, learning to play golf is simpler than ever. A new golfer has an endless resource for knowledge through the internet. Plus, there are a lot of free videos on how to play golf. Putting, Driving, and Chipping are easy to master with hundreds of videos to watch. In fact, we have picked 4 videos to help your golf game. Click here for our golf videos. Good luck with your game. Practice is still the best way to get better. However, it is nice to review a video before you go out and practice.

Check out our putting videos from one of the best putters of all time.

Let The Kids Play

With YouTube and virtual reality games, Kids have great skills at an early age. Give them a chance. They will surprise you. 

While we are at work, our kids are exposed to as many golf lessons as they want online. They can learn more on YouTube in a short time, than we ever learned taking lessons. 

So, with that in mind, take your kid with you the next time you play golf. You may even learn something from them.